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Eco-Club (Gardening) - Mrs John and Mr Cross

Our Eco Committee

We're the Eco Committee at Millbank Primary School. We were elected by our classmates on National Democracy Day. We meet every few weeks to discuss our action plan, review our targets and discuss some exciting ways we can raise awareness of Eco in our school and community and make an impact.

Take a look at our action plan...

We are working hard towards our Platinum Award.


Our 8 areas are:

- Global Perspective

- School Grounds

- Litter

- Water

- Waste

- Transport

- Healthy Living

- Energy


Within our Global Perspective field we have a lot of 'theme days' where we celebrate other religions and festivals from around the world (Chinese New Year, Eid...). We also have a strong partnership with AMAF school in Kenya and enjoy talking to them on Skype when our teachers are visiting. Soon, we hope to develop a relationship with a school in China too!

We are very proud of our Eco Expo in the Summer term 2017, where we opened the school to parents and the community to show our big class eco-based projects. It was amazing and everyone had so much fun studying their projects! smiley


We have been working hard this year to develop our School Grounds. We've had planters in the playground which we use to plant vegetables ready for our summer school to have a tasty meal. We've also developed a new outdoor learning classroom and are hoping to develop a Peace Garden in the Summer term. 


Litter isn't a problem in our school! We are very respectful of our school grounds and ensure we use the bins available.


Water will be our focus next year. We hope to monitor the use of water within the school and buy a water butt to use in the outdoor area. With Waste, we recycle everything possible. We have a recycling trophy which we award a class every Friday in merit assembly.


Within the Transport aspect, we use the WoW Travel Tracker to look at how children come to school, and try to get them to walk or cycle to school as much as possible if it safe to do so. We've also raised money to adopt a Polar Bear with our Year 6 project 'Pedal for Polar Bears' and will take part in Car Free Day in May.


With Healthy Living, we do Food and Fitness fortnight in the Summer term, where we learn about keeping healthy, eating well and staying hydrated in the sun. We also do the tradition Millbank Marathon and during our SHEP summer school, we learn a lot about keeping fit and healthy.


Within the Energy topic, we took part in the 10 Day Turndown and many of our children took part in Earth Hour in March. Next year, we aim to have Energy Officers who will go around classrooms giving prizes to the classrooms that switch off their lights when there is no one in the classrooms.


As a school we are very proud of how much we do to promote Eco and we will continue to work hard to maintain our Eco awards.