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Pentatonic Brass

On Wednesday 9th December we were treated to a wonderful performance from the Pentatonic Brass Band Quintet when they came in to see us.

Lucy came in playing her trumpet and introduced herself, she then called for her friends who came in one by one, Siôn came in playing his tuba, followed by Vicky on the French Horn, David on the Trombone and Mathew on another trumpet.

They told us that they were based at the Royal College of Music & Drama in Cardiff and told us a little about each instrument. Lucy told us a bit about the trumpet and how to play brass instruments “it is a bit like blowing a raspberry while spitting out a pip!”down the mouthpiece.

Vicky told us how to hold a French horn by hooking it on one hand and putting the other inside the bell.

Siôn showed us the Tuba and how long the tube was unraveled by comparing a length of string. The tuba is the largest and lowest pitched brass instrument. They played a piece that reminded us all of an elephant.

They played some wonderful music which had the children enthralled then David told us about the trombone and how it differed from the other brass instruments in that instead of valves it you could change the pitch by moving a telescopic slide. He also demonstrated that the mouthpiece could be played on any bit of pipe and used a garden house to play a tune with Lucy of course they played Handel’s water(pipe) music.

Mat showed us a the tiny piccolo trumpet and also a plunger for the trumpet which went inside the bell.

At the end of the session we could all have a go playing some of the instruments and even the garden hose. We all learnt a lot about and had a great time too.

Well done to the pupils who took these great photos.

You can find out more about Lucy Campion and Pentatonic Brass on her website here

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