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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mrs K Brown - Headteacher (on secondment to other school for 2018-19)

Miss C Francis - Acting Headteacher, SLT.

Mrs C Donovan - School Administrator

Miss A Wright - Receptionist

Mrs Z Penfold - Nursery Teacher
Mrs C Morgan and Mrs L Evans - Reception Teachers
Miss J Broomfield - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs D Evans - Year 2 Teacher, Acting Deputy Head, Foundation Phase Leader, SLT.

Mrs C Brown - Year 2 Teacher, Acting Deputy Head, ALNCO Leader, SLT.

Mrs L Rees - Year 3 Teacher.
Mr B Blears - Year 4 Teacher, ICT and Digital Competency Leader.
Mr M Porch- Year 5 Teacher
Mr T Cross - Year 6 Teacher, Mathematics and Numeracy Leader, SLT.
And of course, not forgetting Mrs R John - Year 4 Teacher currently on maternity leave.

Mrs Thomas - HLTA

Teaching Assistants:

Miss Singh, Mrs Ashman, Miss Griffin, Mrs Allan, Mr Thomas, Miss Hargadon, Mrs Garcia and Miss Stanton.

Mr Dare - Caretaker